Oh. Hello. It’s been a while…

8 Sep


So, we took an unexpected break from blogging. Geeeez, it’s been such a long time since our last post!

Life has been a whirlwind lately – in a great way! 

Summer here was spent enjoying Montreal and its festivals, spending time with close friends, working like cray-zay and drinking our official summer drink – Pisco sour! 

We are getting ready for a trip to Italy in a few short weeks and could not be more excited.

Hope you guys had an awesome summer  just like mine. We’ll be back soon with new posts!



The first step is to pin it! Dining Room Makeover

22 Apr

I’ve been living in the same apartment for quite a while now and what used to work for us poor young students is becoming quite annoying to me. The best example is the dining room’s tube neon lighting. Yep, you heard me right. NEON.

Like, wtf?

Soooo, I’ve been pinning around lately some inspiring dining room pictures for a little big revamp project. Needless to say the neon fixture will soon be thrown out the window. We’ve been working on this project since yesterday, but before I can show you the results, I tought I’d show you what inspired my design choices!

So let’s see… bright white walls, random framed art, colorful furniture and a spring feel. That’s pretty much what I’m aiming for!




bright colored chairs

spring dining room

white walls dining room

flamingo poster

And maybe even flamingoes. Who knows? ;)

Can I wear this for the rest of my life?

12 Apr



This is obviously not a serious question, although I must confess it came out of my mouth last week, after I bought this oh-so-cute sweatshirt by Only.


Prior to this experience in the sweatshirt department, never had I met such a high level of comfort and casual cuteness! Although I’m not usually the crewneck type, I think I’m actually in love with sweatshirts!

Besides, it’s still pretty cold out here in Montreal. In fact, IT’S SNOWING TODAY (can you freaking believe this?) So that’s it. I’m giving up on spring for the time being and I swear I’m gonna wear sweatshirts until it’s like 30’C. Minimum.

BUT… I’m gonna look awesome!

There are so many ways to look stylish and put together.


I’m sooo digging this “I’m a Jurassic Park paleontologist” kinda look:


Hurray! We made it to 100!

9 Apr

It happened just now. Can you believe it? We have 100 WordPress followers!

WOOHOO! (insert happy dance)

We want to thank each and every one of you for inviting us into your daily blog-reading routine. We looove reading your comments, as well as your blog posts! Lets keep on sharing the DIY, the fun and the inspiration!



I think this is a good time to let you know we now also have a Facebook fanpage where we share all of our blog posts as well as various news and events from local stores and more.

You can also find us on Pinterest (of course! hehe)!

Don’t forget to visit our Etsy store, Chiche & Chouette Vintage Boutique! We’ll be adding new pieces in the next few weeks that are just purely awesome. Promise. Stay tuned folks!



Motivation? Yes, Please.

3 Apr

I have been caught in a whirlwind lately. Can’t complain though, life is good. Been working hard, enjoying my city and discovering new ones, seeing shows, visiting family, planning birthday parties, finding a new roomate, eating out, sugarshacking (!)… I’ve barely had time for myself in the last month.

In times like these, I find myself drawn to bold and motivational artwork. If they are on the funny side, then I am a fan! If they are graphically amazing, then I’m a fan too…  I could definitely add one or two of these to my decor to give me either a kick in the butt to get moving or a small boost whenever I feel like I’ve lost control – or just to bring a smile on my face!

great job


What are your favorite motivation quotes or artworks? Do you too need a kick in the butt?

Jane & Rye’s new body jewellery collection

1 Apr

Maybe you remember Jane & Rye from a previous post. If not, let me introduce to you these jewellery designers from Montreal who have just released yesterday their new spring-summer 2013 jewellery collection.

jane rye lookbook

A love the edgy tropical paradise vibe the new lookbook has got to it. You’ll find lots of chunky golden chains mixed with the sexiness of their signature delicate body jewellery (body as in thighs, shoulders, head, etc), such as this one right below called Navy. You can find it online for just 36$.

navy jane rye

My favorite piece is undoubtedly this “deathly hallows” necklace (!!!!!!), wich would look just perfect on my man. 32$

greenwich jane rye

jane rye

You should check out the entire collection by visiting their website.

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